About Marla Grant, Esq.

As an experienced attorney and former division Vice President of a global company, Marla Grant is a certified executive coach, advisor and professional speaker who takes attorneys to new levels of success. She is co-founder of 20/20 Leadership Group and leverages her diverse real world industry experience and leadership expertise to help senior associates accelerate promotion to partnership, new or junior partners get more clients, lawyers successfully transition into corporate leadership roles, and law firm leaders become more effective. She also helps clients achieve a more fulfilling synergy between their professional and personal lives. Her management expertise is valuable to law firm leaders who want to retain their attorneys and reduce costly attorney turnover. To learn more about Marla, please click HERE.

When Being a Star Rainmaker is Not Enough: Why EQ Leads to Even Better Business Results*

* This article originally appeared in ALM's Marketing the Law Firm. © 2019 ALM Media LLC. Reprinted with permission. Read the original here.  Robert is a well-respected successful rainmaker at his firm. Katie, also a partner, has been with the firm for many years and is known for delivering stellar client service and having deep knowledge and expertise in [...]

Overcoming Common Obstacles to Effective Cross-Selling

  This article was originally printed in the March 2019 issue of the ABA’s Law Practice Today – click here to read the full version now. +++ As a partner in a firm, one of the most cost-effective and underutilized strategies to grow your firm’s business is to sell additional services to your firm’s [...]

By | March 23rd, 2019|Business Development|

Learning to Embrace Rejection

This article was originally printed in the November 2018 issue of the ABA's Law Practice Today – click here to read the full version now. +++ To get clients and become a successful business developer, you have to put yourself out there. As human beings, we don’t usually like having to put ourselves out [...]

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[VIDEO] Business Development from the “Inside Out”

As a lawyer, do you feel that you are wasting your time going to networking events or doing other business development activities? That's because you are likely missing this critical step. In this video blog, strategic coach for lawyers, 20/20 Leadership Group's co-founder, and creator of the Rainmaking Academy Yuliya LaRoe shares why as [...]

A 5-minute Meditation to Regain Focus (even if you don’t know how or like to meditate!)

Have you ever had one of those days when no matter how hard you try to concentrate on getting through your tasks for the day, you are just not able to focus? We certainly have! As lawyers, you have so much on your plate - the never-ending client emails, court deadlines, calls from opposing counsel, [...]

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6 Strategies to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

* This article was originally published in the March 2018 Newsletter of the Organization of Women in International Trade ("OWIT").  We’ve all been there. You go to a networking event or meet a new contact, introduce yourself, have a nice chat, and then…. nothing happens. Or you may even try to follow up, but it [...]

A Key Quality that will Distinguish You from Others

The iconic book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, includes a true story about a man who searched for the mother lode during the California Gold Rush. The story goes that a man caught by the “gold fever” went out west to pursue his dream to dig for gold and make a fortune. With [...]

How a Salary Negotiation Gave Me More Value than Money

Recently I served on a panel for lawyers about the importance of speaking up for and asking for what they want and deserve. I shared a personal story about how a salary negotiation gave me something arguably much more valuable than more money and how what I thought was a failure ended up being a big [...]

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[VIDEO] Top Strategy to Use at Networking Events

Networking can be a lot like dating - either quite awkward or actually fun. To help you make the most of your networking efforts, check out this short video featuring one of our favorite networking tips on what to do while at networking events. Looking for more tips and strategies on networking? We cover them in great detail in [...]

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How an Ordinary Walk to the Mailbox Became Transformational

When I was a litigator, one of the biggest thrills on the job were the moments when you'd represent a client in court on a case that had the weaker argument.  You know...the ones where the odds are stacked against you, your opposing counsel is feeling pretty confident, your client doesn't have the highest of [...]

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