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Yuliya (pronounced “You-Lee-Yah”) LaRoe is an experienced attorney, professional speaker, and certified leadership and executive coach, who helps senior associates accelerate promotion to partnership, new or junior partners get more clients, law firm leaders become more effective, and lawyers achieve a more fulfilling synergy between their professional and personal lives. She is co-founder of 20/20 Leadership Group, LLC, a national coaching firm focused on “seeing” lawyers, law firms and legal industry leaders to new levels of success. To learn more about Yuliya, please click HERE.

[VIDEO] How to Introduce Yourself to Others When You Do More Than One Thing

Do you ever struggle with how to best introduce yourself when meeting new contacts, especially if you do several things in your practice or serve several types of clients? It's not so easy, is it? That's why in today's Rainmaking Academy Office Hours video we are sharing our tips on how to introduce yourself most effectively. [...]

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Need to start building your book of business, but hate marketing or self-promotion? Start here.

Seven years ago, Katherine started her career as an attorney. Katherine is a heck of a lawyer - she is bright and focused and loves what she does. Even as a junior lawyer she quickly earned a great reputation among her partners and peers. Frankly, Katherine has been in “career haven” for these few years [...]

By | March 16th, 2017|Business Development, Success Strategies|

Law Firm Women’s Initiatives: Why Most Are Ineffective and What Firms Can Do to Fix Them

Law firm Women's Initiatives have been around for years but sadly they have not been living up to their stated purpose - to effectively promote and advance women lawyers. For our recommendations on how to improve your law firm's Women's Initiative program, read our latest blog published in the ABA's Law Practice Today by clicking [...]

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THANKSGIVING EDITION: Do This One Simple Thing and Watch Your Life Transform

There's an old saying that "if you've forgotten the language of Gratitude, you'll never be on speaking terms with Happiness." It turns out this isn't just a fluffy idea. A growing body of research shows that gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits. The Science of Gratitude In one study on gratitude, [...]

By | November 23rd, 2016|Leadership Development, Success Strategies|

Law Firm Leaders: You Can Do Better

In her article Law Firms Demote Partners as Pressure Mounts Over Profits, the author Sara Randazzo (a legal business reporter at The Wall Street Journal) painted a real picture of the state of legal practice in the US. As a lawyer who used to practice law at a large firm, to me this storyline sounds familiar... [...]

Lawyers as Business Leaders: Overcoming Stereotypes

Law is a profession. But it’s also a business. You simply can’t be successful at one without being successful at the other. You may have the courtroom skills to match the greatest lawyers to ever stand before a judge, but if you haven’t built a book of business, you won’t be using those skills on [...]

The 4 Steps to Being Successful AND Fulfilled as a Lawyer

Do you remember WHY you became a lawyer? We were chatting the other day asking ourselves this same question: "Why did we become lawyers all those years ago?" For us, as for most lawyers we know, becoming an attorney meant the ability to help others, to make a difference, AND to have a great life. [...]

By | August 30th, 2016|Success Strategies|

Hot Alternative Legal Careers for 2016

It’s been the subject of books, articles, conversations with family, friends, and colleagues and, of course, blog posts like this one: what can I do with a law degree other than being a lawyer? Whether you are a 3L approaching graduation who has decided that practicing law is not for you or a mid-career attorney [...]

By | May 11th, 2016|Career Transitions|

The 3 Critical Things You Need to Be Doing if Partnership Is Your 2016 Goal

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, and, unfortunately, once again the Miami Dolphins will be watching the game from home. In football, the “red zone” is what they call the last 20 yards before the end zone. The team has been painstakingly moving down the field yard by yard; making all the right moves [...]

By | February 2nd, 2016|Partnership Track, Success Strategies|

Destination Unknown: Taking Control Over Your Legal Career Journey

The American Lawyer magazine recently released its annual survey of third through fifth-year associates at BigLaw firms. When I looked at the findings of the survey, the responses to one particular question really jumped out at me. These mid-level associates were asked: “What do you expect to be doing in five years?” Almost one-third of [...]