We help companies reach their highest leadership potential & get the highest ROI on their most important assets, their people.


Turn Rising Stars into Super Stars

Great leaders aren’t born; they’re sculpted.

Strong leadership impacts the bottom line.  Because school does not equip employees with the skills needed to be exceptional leaders, it is up to companies to ensure that current and future leaders acquire sophisticated leadership skills to sustain the company’s competitive edge.  We help leaders transform their rising star employees into superstars. If you are a company that has high-potential employees, we can help.

  • Gain Employee Buy-In and Commitment to the Company’s Growth
  • Develop Future Leaders to Ensure the Company’s Longevity
  • Increase Employee Profitability, Engagement, and Satisfaction
  • Become a Magnet for Top Talent


Executive Coaching for Leaders

Expand Your Leadership Skills.  Expand Your Impact.

It can be lonely at the top and leaders face their own set of challenges.  The skills to be a successful leader are different from those to be a good professional in your field.  Adopt best leadership practices and gain a trusted, strategic thought partner and sounding board who is focused on your agenda and your needs to help you enhance your results.

  • Lead Yourself and Others Most Effectively
  • Improve Your Leadership Presence, Communication, Influence, and Impact
  • Uncover Potential “Blind Spots” that May be Limiting Your Effectiveness
  • Implement Leadership Habits that Optimize Performance


Improve Employee Engagement & Retention

Reduce your turnover. Reduce your headaches.

Employee turnover is one of the most frustrating and cost-draining aspects of any business. We work with leaders to hone the skills needed to motivate, retain and develop employees to increase productivity, decrease costly turnover and establish a pipeline of talented future leaders.

  • Increase Productivity and Teamwork
  • Improve Employee Morale and Reduce Turnover
  • Become a Magnet for Top Talent
  • Experience Ease and Confidence Leading Employees
  • Free Up Time to Focus on High-Value Issues


Boost Resilience, Decrease Stress and Improve Performance

Avoid burnout, gain renewed energy and be more productive.

In our fast-paced world, it is common to feel frustrated by the never-ending work demands and exhausted from trying to juggle them all. There are proven tools and strategies to improve resilience, boost performance and productivity, and create a life with less stress and overwhelm and more focus and happiness.

  • Avoid Burnout and Gain Renewed Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Successfully Manage People, Projects, Client Expectations and Your Time
  • Set Boundaries Without Losing Respect or Credibility
  • Overcome Procrastination and Perfectionism that Hinders Progress
  • Create a Synergistic Relationship between Work and Personal Life


Gain Momentum with Powerful Retreats & Workshops

Enhance your company’s performance through education, inspiration and practical solutions. 

Consider one of the following topics for your next retreat or internal program.  If you have other topics of interest, please let us know as we can customize our programs to fit your company’s needs.

Crack the “People Codes” That Boost Performance, Productivity, & Profits

Unlock the secret to building highly engaged, productive, and effective workplace relationships and teams to overcome excessive staff turnover, low levels of employee engagement, depleted productivity or failure to fully leverage team strengths. Participants decode their unique behavioral profile and learn how to spot those of their employees, colleagues, and customers to successfully:

  • leverage their style for enhanced communication and effectiveness with direct reports, colleagues, managers, and leaders
  • avoid conflicts caused by “style clashes”
  • strengthen customer relationships for increased customer retention
  • harness greater team engagement and productivity with less time and stress
  • uncover group or company culture and learn what needs to be done to make it more effective

Successfully Leading Others through Extraordinary Self-Leadership

This empowering presentation offers leaders critical insights and strategies to successfully navigate the “inner” mental game, identify potential leadership blind spots, and understand key innate behavioral styles that drive themselves and others so that they can lead with more impact and ease.

The 4 Fundamental A’s of Effective Employee Engagement

Do you feel like you are not getting enough productivity from your employees? Is your company or team plagued by low employee morale or high turnover? Are you an expert in your field, but now that you are in a leadership role you realize that you don’t have the best strategies to mobilize and engage your employees? Learn the 4 Fundamental A’s of Effective Employee Engagement to get higher productivity, better teamwork, lead your employees with more ease and impact, increase employee morale, and decrease costly turnover.

Mindfulness Training:  How Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Leader

This inspiring and informative presentation helps leaders understand why and how mindfulness can make them more effective and gives them an opportunity to experience a powerful mindfulness exercise first-hand.

Other Popular Topics of Interest:

  • Leading the New Breed of Talent
  • Building Resilience and Stamina to Combat Leadership Stresses
  • Increasing Employee Productivity, Engagement, and Satisfaction
  • Executive Presence, Influence, and Communication
  • Teamwork, Communication, and Relationship Building

“Airbus Latin America & Caribbean hired 20/20 Leadership Group to lead our team booster retreat to further strengthen our successful and internationally diverse team. Yuliya and Marla delivered informative and valuable programming that they customized to meet the specific goals of our team members. Their interactive sessions brought the team closer together and their programming on interdepartmental communication was particularly impactful in providing practical tools to bring meaningful value to the entire team.”


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