We help law firm leaders reach their highest leadership potential and law firms get the highest ROI on their most important assets, their people.


Rainmaking Academy Enterprise Edition

Help your lawyers become powerhouse rainmakers!

Created by experienced attorneys and certified coaches, 20/20 Leadership Group’s Rainmaking Academy Enterprise Edition is an online business development program for professional services firms – law firms, accounting firms, financial advisories – accessible on-demand, anytime and anywhere. Featuring 12 online monthly modules loaded with several short 5-10 minute video lessons, tools, templates, and worksheets, your professionals get to learn every key rainmaking skill on their own schedule!

Utilizing proven behavioral science and transformative coaching techniques while following a comprehensive curriculum and facilitated mastermind sessions, we will help your lawyers create a platform for developing business at any level of seniority. They will get concrete, effective techniques, set specific goals and create the accountability they need to move their business development efforts forward and expand business for the firm.

  • Identify Profitable Niche Practices, Ideal Clients and Strategic Alliance Partners
  • Know Where and How to Market Their Expertise Most Effectively
  • Stand Out in the Market and Distinguish Themselves from Peers & Competition
  • Strategically Develop Valuable Relationships Inside and Outside of the Firm
  • Learn the Science and the Art of Effective Self-Promotion
  • Get Proven Tools and Strategies to Confidently Ask for Business



Executive Coaching for Rising Stars & Law Firm Leaders

Expand Your Leadership Skills.  Expand Your Impact.

It can be lonely at the top and law firm leaders face their own set of challenges.  The skills to be a successful leader are different from those to be a good lawyer.  Adopt best leadership practices and gain a trusted, strategic thought partner and sounding board who is focused on your agenda and your needs to help you enhance your results.

  • Lead Yourself and Others Most Effectively
  • Improve Your Leadership Presence, Communication, Influence, and Impact
  • Uncover Potential “Blind Spots” that May be Limiting Your Effectiveness
  • Implement Leadership Habits that Optimize Performance


Gain Momentum with Powerful Firm and Partnership Retreats

Enhance your firm’s retreats through education, inspiration and practical solutions. 

Consider one of the following topics for your next retreat or internal program.  If you have other topics of interest, please let us know as we can customize our programs to fit your firm’s needs.

  • Boosting Your Lawyers’ Business Development Skills
  • Leading the New Breed of Lawyers
  • Building Resilience and Stamina to Combat Leadership Stresses
  • Increasing Attorney Profitability, Engagement, and Satisfaction
  • Executive Presence, Influence, and Communication
  • Strategic Networking and Relationship Building
  • How Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Lawyer
  • Rising to Extraordinary Success through Extraordinary Self-Leadership


Advance Women and Other Diverse Attorneys

Create a powerful platform to advance your diverse attorneys through effective diversity and inclusion initiatives that produce big results.

Women and other diverse attorneys are grossly underrepresented in law firm leadership and rainmaker roles.  More and more clients are exerting pressure on firms to account for the diversity discrepancies.  Strengthening women’s and diversity initiatives in law firms to leverage the different capabilities, values and styles that balanced leadership and work teams offer is the new frontier for forward looking law firms that want to remain competitive and attract the best talent.

  • Create Inclusive, Multi-Cultural Teams of Lawyers and Leaders in Firms
  • Implement Programs to Accomplish Business Development and Advancement Goals
  • Remove Obstacles to the Advancement of Diverse Attorneys
  • Experience More Creative Solutions and Satisfying Work Environments
  • Stand Out in the Marketplace and Ensure Thriving Client Relationships 

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Boost Resilience, Decrease Stress and Improve Performance

Avoid burnout, gain renewed energy and be more productive.

It is common for lawyers to feel frustrated by the never-ending demands of the profession and exhausted from trying to juggle them all. There are proven tools and strategies to improve resilience, improve performance and productivity, and create a life with less stress and overwhelm and more focus and happiness.

  • Avoid Burnout and Gain Renewed Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Successfully Manage People, Projects, Client Expectations and Your Time
  • Set Boundaries Without Losing Respect or Credibility
  • Overcome Procrastination and Perfectionism that Hinders Progress
  • Create a Synergistic Relationship between Work and Personal Life


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