Top 10 Client Appreciation Ideas for Lawyers

Have you ever met anyone who does not like to be appreciated or thanked for their efforts or accomplishments? I haven't and I bet neither have you. Everyone likes to be appreciated and treated well even if they don't show it on the surface. And this of course includes your clients. Surprisingly, many lawyers often forget this simple truth and [...]

By | November 24th, 2015|Business Development, Relationship Building|

3 Steps to Effective Law Firm Client Follow-up

As professionals, we all understand that following up with our prospective, existing and former clients is important. The hope of course is that this will help us turn them into long-term, loyal clients that will keep coming back over and over and over again. And while most lawyers do some follow-up, most find it challenging to do it consistently. And [...]

By | September 22nd, 2014|Business Development, Relationship Building|