6 Strategies to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

* This article was originally published in the March 2018 Newsletter of the Organization of Women in International Trade ("OWIT").  We’ve all been there. You go to a networking event or meet a new contact, introduce yourself, have a nice chat, and then…. nothing happens. Or you may even try to follow up, but it [...]

How Your Contacts Are Your Hidden Gems

In our fast paced society, many attorneys find themselves spending much of their time and energy thinking about what they need or want as opposed to capitalizing on what they already have. Though it is essential to have goals and focus on what you want, you can often get what you want based on what [...]

By | May 18th, 2015|Relationship Building|

How to Easily Incorporate Marketing Into Your Busy Schedule As A Lawyer

You are a lawyer. You are smart, driven, ambitious, and focused. And you don't want just a legal career... You want a GREAT legal career that gives you Influence, Independence and Control. And you know that these days to grow and move your career forward it's simply not enough to be a great lawyer, draft excellent briefs, and [...]

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