How to Stop Negative Self-Talk and Become More Confident

A few days ago at a speed mentoring event, organized by the Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (MD FAWL), I spoke with a number of law students who shared with me that one of their biggest challenges was not feeling confident. One student in particular explained that this was one of the things [...]

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3 Surprising Ways Travel Can Make You a Better Lawyer

Having recently gotten back from a short trip to New Orleans, I was wondering: Do you like to travel? Besides being fun, travel has been proven to affect your brain, your mood, your overall sense of well-being and your future success in several positive ways. So if you are thinking of taking a trip this summer, consider [...]

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The One Powerful Business Growth Strategy that Most Lawyers Fail to Implement

Managing the day-to-day affairs of any business is not a simple task and your law practice is no exception. On any given day there are so many things going on that at times many lawyers wonder whether they can manage it all. What most lawyers don't realize is that there is one strategy that can help them [...]

Your Success as a Lawyer Starts With a Vision

Ok, so you want to be successful as a lawyer and your law practice to grow. Great! What do you need? How about a plan on how to get there. And the first step in any strategic planning process is creation of a vision. What is a Vision? Your vision is your idea of what your practice [...]

Signs You Are a Perfectionist & How It Affects Your Productivity

In the last several weeks I’ve been focusing on time management, productivity and efficiency. Why? Because mastering one’s time appears to be one of the toughest aspects of any professional’s life. Today we will being talking about another key concept affecting our ability to master time, the “Voice of Perfection.” In psychology, perfectionism is defined as [...]

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4 Methods to Maximize Your Time

This post follows our earlier article - Tackling Your To-do List: How to Decide What Must Get Done & What Can Wait. Once you determine your most important items using the Stephen Covey’s Quadrant, you can use the following tools and techniques to determine the specific order within each Quadrant to maximize your time and efficiency: [...]

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How to Get More Done in 5 Simple Steps

"The best part about procrastination is that you are never bored, because you have all kinds of things that you should be doing." - Anonymous A coaching session with one of my favorite clients this morning got me thinking: "How many of us feel frustration or disappointment that we don’t always get done what we know we need to do; that we [...]

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Tackling Your To-do List: How To Decide What Must Get Done & What Can Wait

Working and organizing your time according to your priorities is a high energy approach to getting things done and creating more time. Within the set of priorities, there are those investments of time that are non-negotiable. Focusing and working toward these non-negotiables is a very powerful approach to achieving and succeeding. Diverting energy away from these on an [...]

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Eliminate Your Time Wasters to Become More Efficient

Wasting time (or a perception of wasting time) drains energy. Time is precious, and most people want to use their time for the highest purpose possible. A time waster can be external, such as a phone interruption, or internal such as frustration or anger over something not getting done according to expectations. Even worrying about wasting [...]

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