Prior to retaining 20/20 Leadership Group, I had never worked with a coach before. But after attending one of the seminars that Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant delivered on business development for women lawyers, I knew I needed to hire their firm. Yuliya and Marla are not to be confused with marketing consultants that most lawyers think about when it comes to finding support with business development. As experienced attorneys and professionally trained coaches, they offer a unique and powerful approach.  I have known and respected Marla for many years, and working with Yuliya added significant value.  Yuliya not only helped me create a business development and networking strategy that leverages my experience and strengths and suits my personality but also gave me the tools to continue to develop and tweak the strategy as needed going forward. Everything I do now – from choosing which networking events to attend, to who to connect with, to how best to introduce myself and describe my practice areas – has become so much more focused, strategic and productive. Thank you!” – Bobbi Meloro, Esq. | Miami, FL

I sought out Yuliya for assistance in stepping back and looking at the big picture of where my legal career is headed. She helped me lay out various steps that I could take to improve my time management and communication skills, as well as to build up my self-confidence. The initial assessment that I took through her and her interpretation of it was very insightful and provided helpful guidance. The ongoing coaching over the next few months was critical in helping me to keep what I learned in mind. And all this work has paid off with my subsequent promotion to partnership at my firm! Working with Yuliya was one of the most worthwhile investments in myself that I have made in a long time!” – Eileen Zorc, Esq. | Partner, Mar, Jones & Wang | Honolulu, HI

“I met Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant at a workshop they led on business development for women lawyers. I was really impressed by what they shared and decided to hire them to help me grow my practice. In the six months of working with Yuliya as my coach my networking efforts became much more strategic, got several client referrals, and also negotiated a substantial raise to my salary and a commission-based component that rewards me for bringing new cases. This is the first time in my life that I feel so confident, reenergized and financially secure! Thank you ladies!” – Beth M. Feder, Esq. | Attorney, The Winston Law Firm | Fort Lauderdale, FL

“We decided to hire Yuliya LaRoe to help us take our law firm to the next level. We are experienced lawyers and as a firm were doing relatively well. But we knew that for us to reach that new level of financial success we needed new proven strategies and an outside perspective. What we wanted the most was to develop processes and systems in order to be able to have the business run without the need to micro-manage it. I firmly believe that we could not have succeeded as quickly without her assistance. Yuliya worked hard with us to bring helpful, substantive, and practical solutions to the process. She helped us develop our vision for the firm, restructure and organize the way we manage our practice, and keep us accountable and on track. I highly recommend working with Yuliya to anyone who is ready take their practice to the next level!” – Jennie F., Esq. | Co-founding Partner, a Busy Real Estate & Business Law Firm | Miami, FL

Marla was able to offer me amazing motivation and guidance to get me jump started towards finding my dream job. She was consistent, always provided me with realistic and meaningful advice, and continued to make sure that I was always on track towards my goals by helping me create the perfect action plan. She pushed me to continue to strive for the best and not settle for less when it came to landing exactly what I wanted in a career. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and tools from her that I know will continue to help me throughout my career and any possible career search in the future. She is fantastic at what she does and I am appreciative to have had the chance to work with her!” – Jackelyn Alvarado


“Our firm invited Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant to lead a kick-off program for our local Women’s Initiative group as we were looking for content that would inspire our women lawyers to ongoing action. Marla and Yuliya delivered a well thought-out program that was both inspiring and practical filled with tips and strategies that our lawyers can implement immediately.  Because they are lawyers themselves, Marla’s and Yuliya’s examples and case studies were relevant and on-point, reflecting the realities of the daily pressures women lawyers face and they offer real answers and solutions. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the program from our attorneys who felt energized, uplifted and motivated to implement new strategies to take greater ownership of their success.” – I.E., Esq. | Partner, Major International Law Firm Headquartered in Miami, FL

“My main objective for participating in the group program led by Marla Grant and Yuliya LaRoe was to develop a clear approach to attracting and obtaining new corporate clients. As any litigator, my practice is quite varied and most of my clients are corporate entities from various industries. Finding new clients has proven to be a challenge as I didn’t have a clear strategy on where to meet these prospective clients or how to successfully develop relationships that would lead to business.  Marla and Yuliya helped me identify several great corporate niches where I could focus my business development efforts and shared concrete strategies for connecting and building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with contacts and prospective clients. Thank you!” – Doris Negrin, Esq. | Of Counsel, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell

“Airbus Latin America & Caribbean hired 20/20 Leadership Group to lead our team booster retreat to further strengthen our successful and internationally diverse team.  Yuliya and Marla delivered informative and valuable programming that they customized to meet the specific goals of our team members.  Their interactive sessions brought the team closer together and their programming on interdepartmental communication was particularly impactful in providing practical tools to bring meaningful value to the entire team.”   – Rafael Alonso | President, Airbus Latin America & Caribbean

“Marla and Yuliya delivered an informative and engaging presentation to my firm about networking and building relationships.  I was most impressed by how, in the span of an hour, they were able to provide clear and practical strategies on how I could develop my business as a lawyer and strengthen my most important professional relationships.  I walked away with new tools to help me in my legal career and felt inspired and energized by their program.  As experienced attorneys and trained professional coaches, Marla and Yuliya have an ideal combination of expertise to help other lawyers be more successful.  I’m looking forward to their next workshop!” – Jamie Bigayer, Esq. | Associate Attorney, Carlton Fields

“I had an incredible experience at the Lawyers’ Leading Edge Seminar. In addition to networking and making some great contacts, both Marla and Yuliya challenged me to do the “work” while I was there. Because of their unique approach, I experienced a breakthrough which gave me powerful insight and clarity on how to best move forward with my professional goals. Since I have left the seminar, I often realize how much their tools and insight have remained with me. I’ve experienced identifiable and quantifiable results in my career and I’ve strengthened my most important professional relationships. Marla and Yuliya are remarkable program leaders! They know how to connect with you and your career challenges while making the seminar fun and effective.” – Carolyn Zegeer, Esq. | General Counsel, The Vagabond Group, LLC

“Marla and Yuliya’s workshop provided great fundamentals to begin the process of building a book of business. They provided perfect advice for attorneys who need to develop relationship-building skills as their careers advance.” – Katrina Gleber, Esq. | Executive Director and Senior Counsel, Kaplan Inc.

“I attended the 20/20 Leadership Group’s presentation that was recently held for a group of women lawyers and found the program to be valuable. As attorneys themselves, Yuliya and Marla offered tangible guidance and strategies that can be implemented right away to develop relationships and clients. I have already started using one of the tips that they taught us and have found that it helps me to more effectively communicate how I can assist potential clients. I look forward to working with the 20/20 Leadership Group in the future to learn additional ways to continue building my practice.” – Jennifer C. Erdelyi, Esq. | Founding Partner, Jennifer C. Erdelyi, P.A.

“You ladies shared so many tips and tricks that I had no idea could make such a difference.  I feel like you took to the next level whatever networking skills I had!”  – Jennifer A. Marques, Esq., TEP | Founder, Jennifer A. Marques, P.A.

“The Vision Board Workshop for Lawyers was a fun and low-stress experience and I met a lot of interesting people.  Most importantly, it taught me that the most powerful source of motivation and direction still comes from within.” – Craig Salner, Esq. | Partner, Clarke Silverglate

“I had a great time at the Vision Board Workshop for Lawyers led by Yuliya LaRoe and Marla Grant and felt very inspired after I left. I highly recommend the workshop to other professionals who are seeking to increase their creativity and express their visions in a meaningful way.” – Jennie Farshchian, Esq. | Co-founding Partner, Jurado & Farshchian, PL

“Marla Grant is a highly engaging and excellent speaker. Her experience within the legal field and previous role in corporate management made her the ideal candidate to address our group of distinguished attorneys looking to gain tips on how to strengthen their professional networks. Her presentations are thought provoking and always offer a personalized approach, directly relating topics to the demographic she is addressing. High praise all around!” – Carolyn De Moya • Director of Membership, Attorney Breakfast Club

“I invited Marla to speak on a panel that I organized because I knew she would provide valuable advice to attendees at the event. Marla did not disappoint. She shared practical and valuable tips, best practices, and advice that I am confident will make a powerful impact on the careers of lawyers who attended the event. Marla has a wealth of knowledge, and she is a remarkable person.” – Kristen Corpion | Litigation Associate, Greenberg Traurig

“I invited Yuliya and Marla to speak about leadership and mindfulness at our Aqua Foundation Emerging Leaders Conference. They delivered an engaging and valuable presentation that offered practical strategies and tools that attendees could incorporate into their lives to become more successful leaders. I know that the audience took back a lot from their presentation. I highly recommend Marla and Yuliya to any organization that may be interested in an interactive, thought-provoking, practical and meaningful presentation on leadership and mindfulness.” – M.J. Castells | Program & Operations Manager, Aqua Foundation for Women

“Marla hosted a fantastic webinar for Boston University alumni after being asked by the Alumni Association. Her session, “Are Your Employees ‘All-In’ for You and Your Company to Win Big” was a dynamic one-hour discussion filled with strategies for motivating and inspiring your direct reports, certainly no easy task. The session was highly rated by our alumni, and throughout the planning and execution of this webinar, Marla impressed me with her enthusiasm for supporting fellow alumni in their work and her unique approach to the topic. On behalf of our 300,000 BU alumni around the world, thank you Marla!!!” – Jeff Murphy | Alumni Relations, Boston University


Marla brings some unique talents, perspectives and skills to her work as an executive-level coach and advisor, and these help her stand out in the field. Marla excels in her analytical abilities, which give her an edge in getting to the heart of issues and providing creative solutions. Her attention to details and what it takes to go from vision to an action plan, accountability and results also set her apart and give her an advantage compared to others in the advisory professions. If you or your organization struggle to get things done, or performance is not what you know it can be, Marla is a phenomenal resource for you. She also has the experience — both as an attorney and as an executive — so that she has relevant, practical, applicable experience for senior-level clients. Given all of these factors, I highly recommend Marla’s work to anyone looking to improve performance and results in their organizations.” – Andrew Neitlich